Pirò Pallaghy was born on the Hungarian Plain in the village, Dévaványa where her father worked as a veterinary doctor.
The village counted then 10.000 inhabitants and 2000 horses: medical instruments, animal skeletons, skulls and insects became an important part of her work later.

She studied languages and taught English literature at the College of Eger.
Her life took a turn in 1988 when she moved to Belgium with her husband and she began studying ceramics at the School of Arts of Sint-Lucas Gent. Between 1993 en 2015 she was teaching ceramics in different art schools.

“Pirò has always had a great interest in medical collections, flasks and pipettes, in casts and prostheses, in a complete anatomical theatre, say the pharmacy for sombre people, a cabinet full of accessory with which we stuff the theatre of the world or an exposition.
Fascinated by images from the world of anatomy or pathology
she began making casts from hands, feet and faces of members of he family and transformed them into works in wax or clay. It is for her a way to hold memories.
She chooses purposefully family members as apparently anonymous persons for her ‘anatomical wax work museum’ of memories. ”

Paul Depondt, art critic and essayist


Le cahier de petits bricolages
Pirò pallaghy, 2015, 127 pp
ISBN 978 90 902 9065 2
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