Pirò Pallaghy

Born in Dévavànya (Hungary).
Lives and works in Gent (Belgium).


2002-2003: Working period at the European Ceramic Center
in St Hertogenbosch

1998: Workshop ‘Internationale Sommerakademie’ Salzburg
Atelier ‘Visual Poetry’ with Konrad Balder Schâuffelein

1997: Symposium on ‘The Language of Art in the Mediterranian’
(European project ‘Caleidoscopio) Sicily

1993-2015: Teacher of ceramics, Academy of fine Arts Eeklo, Gent and Dendermonde

1995: Masters Degree in Visual Arts , Higher Institute, Sint Lucas Gent

1988-1992: Higher Institute, Departement of Applied Arts, Sint Lucas, Gent

1974-1988: Lecturer in English language and literature at the College of Eger (Hungary)

1968-1973: University of Debrecen (Hungary), Germanic Languages